Spring is in the air, and Bunny decides to take in the sights, sounds and smells of the season. So, she straps on her six inch open-toed high heeled sandals, squeezes into her tight spandex halter top and shimmies into her short plaid schoolgirl skirt and makes her way you for a nature walk. The afternoon day sun beats down on Bunny’s exposed skin which makes her smile…”Everything is awesome!” she thinks, “Nothing could ruin this beautiful day!”

While bending over to smell some flowers, Bunny is unexpectedly zapped from above with a paralysis beam causing her body to painfully freeze like a plump statue. She is almost knocked off of her high heeled strap on shoes, and her tits bounce with the force of the ray beam…”Oh no, what’s happening to me?” Bunny wonders, “I guess my awesome day is over…oh poo!”

Indeed it is Bunny as you are about to be shanghaied into a new stratosphere of pain…find out more next week!