Bunny wore the wrong hat to the wrong rally! The vicious candidate had her put on the jumbo-tron and commanded the crowd to beat her and eject her out of the building! After she was violently attacked and literally thrown out of the rally, she found herself in the clutches of some hired goons who dragged her into a secret entrance in the back alley of the stadium. Still reeling from the beating, she was powerless to resist the masked men who stripped her plump sweaty body buck fuck naked and secured her to a heavy chair! They forced her to eat her hat, and brutally slapped her around for an hour or two!

Then the real horror began!

After the candidate was finished with his rally speeches, he came to visit Bunny in the back room! Filled with mad aggression and fervor, he commanded his goons to treat Bunny’s buxom body to horrible atrocities!

“First I want you guys to Zap this ugly losers head! Yeah, strap on that zap cap! Okay, GIVE IT TO HER!! Make her beg! Yeah! YEAH! Take that you fat loser pig!

Okay now those fat tits! Zap them too! GO! Yes! YES! Feel it you ugly loser! There! Now the chair! Screw that thing into her! MORE! Oh yes! How’s that feel pig!? I think she can take MORE! Put some pins in there too! Add more pressure with the rope! Now more pins! Burst those fat balloons!

Now the pipe and brass knuckles! Give her ugly fat pig loser body a good work out! Beat it, smash it, and make her pulp!! GOOD! Now some cigarettes put out on it! THERE LOSER! How does it feel to be a fat loser?

Zap the head again! MORE! Full power! Keep it on! …….Okay, stop…..ON AGAIN!

Now, put those devices on her pig feet! Yeah! So you like wearing cheap stripper heels eh you fat pig whore? Okay…break her feet with those machines! Crank those feet up! Stretch her bones! Break them!

Okay now the fat gut! Beat it! Put out your cigarettes in its belly button! Yes! Use it as an ashtray! How does that fat gut feel eh pig? You LOSER! Your gut is so fat it makes that belly hole deep enough to hide Mexicans in!

More head zaps! More beating, more tit zaps! MORE MORE MORE!!!

I’m going to bring back water boarding tonight too! Water boarding and MUCH worse! We’re gonna destroy you loser!”

Wow! He really does say what’s on his mind! Bunny is in deep trouble this time! Thankfully, this should only last until November!