The signs said, ‘No Trespassing!’ ‘Danger!’ ‘High Levels of Radiation!!’ ‘Water Not Safe For Humans!’ ‘Possible Deadly Mutants!!’ But Bunny, hot from her midnight jog in her six inch heels and dumb as the day is long, just couldn’t resist a quick skinny dip!

The government facility nearby closely monitors the pond with video surveillance in order to early detect the emergence of mutated creatures that may result from their experiments with radiation and its effects on the hapless beasts they keep imprisoned. At this hour however, no one was manning the station, so Bunny was completely alone…

The ‘water,’ though, at first cool and refreshing, seemed to make her skin tingle. It was probably due to the fact that it was more highly radioactive genetic waste than it was H2O. The pool was used mostly as a dumping ground for all of the genetically altered atrocities the scientists within the nearby facility dumped after they were destroyed.

Finally satisfied with her naked dip in the pool of toxic biological waste, Bunny began to swim for the bank where she had left her bikini top, shoes and short shorts. It was then that she could feel something wrap around her leg! She panicked as she could feel slimy tentacles wrap around her naked body and squeeze! The appendages tossed Bunny out of the pond onto shore! She landed on her head with a sick thud, and within seconds, a massive hulking horror heaved out of the toxic, irradiated mire and was upon her!

The horrific mutated thing held Bunny fast and began to molest and probe her entire body head to toe with its sickening tendrils. Bunny screamed and thrashed her body to get away but the creature proved to incredibly strong and held her tighter and tighter!

Seemingly a ‘newborn’ the creature tried to examine Bunny’s body deeply and with great interest, however, like a curious child, it didn’t quite know the limits of its strength or what it could do to a plaything! As a result the fetid swamp mutant began a horrible reign of punishments on Bunny’s nude body!!

It got into every orifice Bunny has with a great temper! It pulled and stretched her body and its parts to the breaking point and beyond! It tortured her massive tit bags, crushing them, twisting them, and at one point, wringing them out like an old dirty wash rag until sweat and other body fluids were forced out! On top of the torture tests, the beast covered Bunny’s body with a horrible, burning, toxic, and dangerously irradiated green slime! The slime also got into all of Bunny’s holes and body crevices making her beg for mercy!

After several hours of pure monster torture atrocities, the body of Bunny was broken and annihilated. When she regained consciousness, she found herself in a dark cave, naked and spreadeagled on the dirt floor, held by hardened green slime around her wrists and ankles. She could feel horrible discomfort in the pit of her stomach, right under her stretched out and abused belly button…The pain was actually worse there than the rest of her destroyed body for some reason! Her belly began to swell and heave as the pain got even worse!! It seems that the creature repeatedly took advantage of Bunny’s lifeless body, and despite being a newly formed life, had already the capacity to procreate!

It’s hard to say what will emerge from Bunny’s body but it will no doubt take all of her strength to survive her next ordeal!

This story to be continued!