Bunny has never had good luck playing super heroine dress up for Halloween, but she thinks that THIS time, if she dresses up as a super villain, nothing bad will happen!

She first cinches on her flimsy tube top made of plastic leaves from the dollar store that barely cover her nipples. Then pulls on her emerald knee high pantyhose, straps on her highest green heels, and finally flops a red wig on her head. Shimmying into a micro mini skirt with a leaf pattern on it was last…

“There!’ she exclaims, while looking at herself in her full length mirror, “The perfect ‘slutty’ version of ‘Poison Oak!”

By the way, Poison Oak is one of the most insidious female villains in the city! For realsies! She can control vegetation to do her bidding and has the ability to administer various plant based poisons and toxins to wreak all sorts of horrible effects on her victims! Terrible rashes and skin disintegrating, flesh melting, organ expanding, mind obliterating chemicals can all be accessed from her arsenal of ferocious foliage! Her whereabouts are currently unknown by the authorities, but she is always ready to strike when she feels she needs to!

Meanwhile, Bunny in her self described ‘slutty’ Poison Oak’ costume, decides that she will walk to the Halloween party that she was invited to that evening. It’s only about 5 blocks or so away and she knows a short cut through the park that will get her there even faster! At least she thinks that she does…

It’s only a short time after turning into the densely wooded park that Bunny finds herself lost! Her feet are starting to hurt in her seven inch heels, and she is sweating an awful lot.

It is when she turns around to sit down on a log she just passed that she is confronted with the REAL Poison Oak!!!

The Villain takes no time in recognizing her ‘slutty self’ in the form of big titted, dumb Bunny, and is instantly enraged! Bunny attempts to explain herself but it is no use, the female villain is incensed, taking great offense at how cavalier this bitch was in appropriating her image and making her look like a common whore!

Poison Oak wastes no time in punishing the sweaty slutty Bunny doppelganger bitch! She first sends branches and vines to whip her carcass! This quickly ruins Bunny’s cheap costume and exposes what little skin she had covered!

‘Oak then starts to get serious! Bunny’s huge hanging tits are met with excruciating vine bondage, almost to the point of the tits popping! The tough vines and saplings constrict around the juggs of Bunny and add so much pressure, she almost passes out from pain!

Her crotch is then split by rope like, sinewy tendrils that pull up more and more and more! She is lifted off of her high heeled feet by her poor snatch! Bunny then realizes that the crotch splitting plants are coated with a burning, toxic chemical! It packs so much pussy melting power, Bunny throws up in pain!

More branches, vines and trees join in to choke Bunny’s throat, crush her body, and stretch her extremities to the point of breaking! How far can her nipples be stretched? The plants try to find out! Every orifice on Bunny’s bare body is searched and destroyed! Even her deep navel is probed and pulled open to let thorny protuberances in!

Finally, Bunny is stripped completely naked, assaulted with toxic pollen, injected with various plant based chemicals, rubbed down with harsh rash and sore inducing toxins and poisoned! Poison Oak, finally satisfied after hours of pure arbor atrocities to Bunny’s body and mind, leaves her victim lifeless on the forest floor distended, disfigured and utterly destroyed! Somehow Bunny survives her horrific ordeal and is found by some joggers a few days later, covered in mushrooms and with light moss and shoots growing out of her body cavities!

She swears that next year, she’ll go out as the slutty kitty cat again!