Bunny has unwittingly stumbled upon some very unpleasant situations before in which her body has had to pay a heavy price for her stupidity. This may very well prove to be the worst. Mutant plants created by some horrible toxic waste have sprung to life. Angry, horrendous and revenge seeking, these plants have been alerted to the presence of Bunny who has casually sat and stepped on one of their number. Within seconds Bunny finds herself encircled by some thick vines and brought to her feet. The forest that surrounds her slowly begins to move in closer on its prey. Branches groan, bushes rustle, vines slither and weird tubercle cock like plants lean towards Bunny’s restrained body. Even the seemingly harmless flowers and leaves strain in for a closer look in an attempt to assess the helpless tart. Bunny starts to worry, “Plants don’t’ usually come on so strong”, she thinks. As the vines tighten their grip on Bunny’s body she begins to panic. What sorts of horrific damage to they plan to execute on Bunny’s naked, sweaty flesh? No matter what happens, all we can guess is that it will be quite inhuman as the plants have no capacity for mercy! The worst is yet to come. Tune in next week as the plants continue to have their way with our heroine Bunny!