Not again! Just when Bunny thought that the horrific nightmare was over, and the plant mutants were about to release her overworked body, another atrocity is inflicted upon her.

These club like, fist like, mace like battering rams have stayed a distance from Bunny as they let their other sinister brethren turn her hot sweaty body to ground chuck, just biding their time for this final strike!

It is a beating that tenderizes Bunny inside and out! From her head and face down to her feet and toes, the creatures relentlessly beat pound and mash her, even going so far as to deliver deep thrusting punches inside her navel pussy and ass!

She can feel things pop and snap within her but the plants don’t let up their beating even long after bunny finally passes out! Her brain has been rattled and jostled back to something close to normal for her and the pain and sheer force of the attack is enough to put her lights out. After a sickeningly display of beating an unresponsive Bunny, the plants eventually give up leaving her bloated, broken carcass hanging completely pummelled into a sagging, defeated mess.

At several points during her unconsciousness the toxic foliage plays around with Bunny, sticking tubercles here, injecting her with acid there, simply toying with her because they are evil and they can…But just when you think ‘okay, this has to be the end,’ There is yet one last horrible chapter in this tale of Bunny woe! ‘See you next week!