Bunny loves nature. She loves to take walks on the beach in the woods, and even pleasures herself with vegetables. Today, Bunny got up, fucked herself with a cucumber and thought about taking a walk in some woods that she had never ventured into before. She slid on some low rider jeans, strapped on her six inch whore heels, and tied her enormous tits back with a teeny bikini top that barely covered her nipples but would keep her cool on the journey. It’s a lot easier to be comfortable when you don’t have a shred of shame left in your body.

Before long, Bunny begins to tire. It’s difficult doing a ten mile bush hike in six inch heels, having to stop every few minutes to keep your big fat tits from falling out of your pathetic excuse for a top. So, she sits her plump ass down on a large, oddly shaped tree root to cool her half naked body down a little.

She doesn’t realize that she has chosen a very dangerous place to rest her hot body. A few feet away lay several drums of rusty, leaking toxic waste barrels hidden there months ago by some pretty evil men. The horrible toxins have seeped into the surrounding earth contaminating the nearby plant life with insidious mutating energies. Part radioactive, part biochemical and all evil, the toxins have turned the trees and plants around them into horrifying angry twisted mutations hell-bent on punishing the human race for their actions. But today, they’ll settle for Bunny and her sweaty plump body. In the weeks that follow you will see the total destruction of a beautiful, big-titted woman!

Bunny callously steps on one of the exposed roots laying on the forest floor with her pointy heel snapping the mutated vegetation around her into awareness. What happens next is not for the squeamish as our heroine is virtually annihilated from the top of her head to the tips of her toes and a great deal of her insides in the coming updates… Stay tuned!