The latest Patreon Bunny Bound exclusive! It’s page 4 of the massive new graphic novel and since page 1, Bunny has been stripped naked and punished in some way, shape or form! The tortures she will endure and the predicaments she will face in this giant book will make all others pale in comparison! I can’t tell you what happens to her in the end…you’ll JUST have to soak in every lavishly illustrated page to find out!

This time around, the tone is much more serious and dire and Bunny will have a very difficult time trying to survive the ordeals she faces…each one and atrocity all their own! Even IF she survives all of the tortures intact…it is said that she will be used for Nazi experiments afterwords! I don’t know about you but that sounds even more hideous than the interrogation…!

It’s all going to unfold on the Patreon page for the next several weeks…plus some unexpected surprises will be added to relieve the relentless onslaught of torture Bunny has to endure…What surprises? Hmmm…more…tort-ure? Or maybe some other unexpected fun!

It’s all there for you at a minimum $1/month…that’s $12 a YEAR! Empty out you couch cushions and not only support amazing BDSM art, but reward yourself  with some CRAZY bondage/torture comics you’ve never dreamed of before! Here’s the link :

See you all soon!