Bunny works at a local convenience store around the corner from her apartment that she shares with her three evil roommates…It is a ‘do nothing’ type of job for a greasy, perverted store owner that is basically a front for various organized crime groups around the city. The old pervert who owns it hired Bunny based solely on her slutty whore appearance and not much else…Bunny basically shows up late, dressed in a halter top, shorts, skirt or hot pants, seven inch high heels and with or without some sort of huge, gaudy navel piercing or gem stuffed in her navel…She sits behind a cash doing her nails, watching TV, or dozing off most of the time, and serves the odd customer that happens by…usually fucking up the till…Basically she is just in there for eye candy, and occasionally gives blow jobs and quick fucks to the owners ‘friends’ more than anything else…In short, Bunny is a cheap whore…

It seems that Bunny sitting on her fat ass all day, eating junk food stolen from the store has added an alarming amount of weight to her feminine form, and not in a good way, like just in her bulging tits…

‘Since you’re only here as a half naked cock sucker most of the time,’ her boss says, you’re gonna have to lose some weight you fat ugly pig!’

Bunny ‘tries’ as only she can…which isn’t much, but continuously fails to shed pounds and actually gains more! This leads her boss to send Bunny’s fat ass to a boarding school his seedy friend operates!

Bunny is shipped off to the boarding school the next morning and when she arrives, is told to march her ass to the kennel, introduce herself to the trainer there, and then strip completely naked! The trainer meets Bunny and records her striptease..Once naked, she is ordered to stand still with her arms at her sides and her fat tits out, fat gut, in! The trainer begins to verbally eviscerate Bunny,s body from top to bottom! Her mentally destroys her and then begins slapping her around! First her face, then her tits, her belly, her ass and even stomps her bare feet into the mud!

Bunny is told to get on all fours and stay that way until the day she is released from the kennel…She is now treated like a bitch day in and day out, naked, on all fours and forbidden to talk! Any order she is given that she doesn’t fully obey, or carry out to the fullest is met with severe consequences!

Beating after beating after whipping is employed to Bitch Bunny’s body several times a day to get her to obey…it is not enough! A shock collar is added to further punish her, and her nipples are pierced so that short lengths of chain can be hung from them…If she doesn’t carry out a task properly, she has her nipples shocked, stretched, or connected to the electric fence surrounding the compound/kennel to teach her obedience! She is constantly shamed throughout the entire training ordeal to break her pathetic mind, and often ordered into her damp basement dungeon basket with a large bone gag to chew on and nothing else for days!

She is often kept in a barn with other dogs who take full advantage of her position on all fours and she is made a true bitch by them over and over! One night, Bunny was railed by fourteen dogs, some going back for seconds! The Male dogs don’t discriminate either, they use all of her available holes!

After three months of this brutal, treatment, Bunny is no more obedient than an inbred beagle…BUT, she has lost the weight she put on and can finally be released back into the custody of her boss at the corner store! She is constantly threatened with being sent back to the facility if she should gain a pound however, and she also has to make up for a ton of blow jobs and fucking she missed while away…Her boss makes her watch the recordings of her brutal kennel life while she makes up for all of the fucking and sucking as a reminder!

Poor Bunny!