From time to time, I will show you guys what you’re missing over at the Bunny Bound Patreon Page!

The Bunny Bound Patreon page is updated TWICE weekly and features not only amazing color peril art like THIS, but a weekly graphic novel update, ‘lost’ BDSM content that was created before Bunny Bound, incredible photo manips of the REAL Bunny Bound model, and SO MUCH MORE!!

There are only two tiers to join too! $1 and $5! Is it the absolute BEST bargain in constantly updated BDSM art content on the internet! As soon as you join, you’ll have access to TONS of content that has already accumulated on the page for over a YEAR! Here’s that link again :

You will also be able to suggest tortures, perils and scenarios that Bunny must undergo as a member!! If there is a more valuable BDSM themed Patreon page out there, I’d like to hear about it! If you like the content here, you will flip over the constantly updated work on the Bunny Bound Patreon page!

Check it out now!

I hope to see you all there soon!