Hey guys! Dick Napalm here!
I’ve got some good news and some not so great news…First the not so great…As of today, I can no longer create art and story updates for TWO Bunny Bound sites. I’ve tried my hardest to maintain this free Bunny site for way over a year now, and the Patreon Bunny Page for almost the same. Each had their own exclusive content! For now, until I am able to get the support of some of you awesome and loyal Bunny fans, I can only continue to update the Bunny Patreon page : https://www.patreon.com/BunnyBound

The GREAT news however is, there will be MORE updates of AMAZING, one of a kind, exclusive content posted on the Bunny Bound Patreon page! PLUS, there are ONLY TWO tiers you have the option of joining at, $1 a month, or $5 a month! There is likely NO BETTER deal for this sort of content on the ‘net! You can join here, and IMMEDIATELY get TONS of exclusive Bunny content! https://www.patreon.com/BunnyBound

Bunny’s Belly Dancing Blunder, Bunny’s Boob Job, the Alien Abduction story, ALL will continue on the Patreon page as will the currently ongoing ‘Bunny vs. Evil Nazis graphic novel, already in progress there!

Also, I WILL keep this page AS IS! All of the content already posted will stay here for you to continue to enjoy! I will post teasers of the Bunny Bound Patreon page from time to time to win you over, but honestly, the Bunny Bound Patreon page sells itself! There will just be so much great work posted there each week, and I’m working on new content non stop! Take today’s teaser pic, Bunny Spider Bound! The full image and engrossing story is Up Now on the Bunny Bound patreon page!

Great traditional, consistent, BDSM art and stories are not often found that much these days, please support and enjoy Bunny Bound on the Patreon page, and not only, keep it alive, but enjoy the HELL out of it for YOURSELF! It’s a rare pleasure in life that you CAN have for the least amount of your hard earned dollar!

Once again, All new Bunny Content will be posted on the Bunny Bound Patreon page! https://www.patreon.com/BunnyBound Please feel free to go there NOW and become a highly rewarded patron!

Thanks a million everyone!