Bunny has gone Spelunking and quickly discovers that repelling down into a cave wearing high heels and a micro bikini is not a great idea! Rope burn ensues and Bunny falls to the cave floor several hundred feet down…

It is an utterly Stygian abyss, and Bunny cannot see a thing…She decides to remove her 8 inch high heels for better traction on what feels like slippery jagged rocks…The heat is almost unbearable in the bowels of the cave, so bunny removes her string bikini as well!

Completely naked and barefoot now, Bunny tries to find her way around the darkness…finally she sees an eerie green glow in the distance…the heat increases as she gets closer to the light…It almost causes her to pass out as she gets close enough to the light to see what is causing it…

Toxic Nuclear Waste Drums!!!

The drums and the surrounding area seem to be covered in a film of some kind..Bunny looks closer and sees that the substance looks like webbing!

Just then, Bunny is pulled off of her hot bare feet by her neck! She chokes and struggles as she is lifted into the air! Bunny is almost out of air when suddenly, and incredibly fast, her body is shrouded in webbing…the webbing BURNS just like the noose around her neck did!

Now Bunny is held in place near the top of the cave, in burning webbing scorching her naked sweaty body! The webbing is attached to the cave walls high above the green glow of the toxic waste containers…it’s almost like Bunny is being roasted in the hottest part of the chamber as the heat rises to scald her in the burning webs….

Then….MORE pain! The webs begin to tighten…more…and more! Parts of Bunny’s plump sweaty body pop out of the web cocoon with the tightening pressure! Her body OOZES out of the open spaces in the net….Things inside Bunny almost pop…It is agonizing and it feels like her bones will break when Hundreds of Black, Furry eight legged monsters rush out of holes in the cave walls onto the web strands holding Bunny aloft!

MORE AGONY!!! The spider mutants crawl over Bunny’s hanging carcass, find a fleshy blob, and bite down into it, injecting a toxic venom into Bunny’s body! Her senses reel! Her brain explodes with pain! The toxic goo from the spiders do a number of catastrophic things to Bunny’s body! Expansion through acute swelling, internal corrosion, paralysis, stinging bone pain, and so much more! Bunny can’t cope with the pain and utter destruction of her body internally and externally so her mind collapses and she hangs there at the mercy of the spiders!

What will happen to poor Bunny? Will she be liquefied and ingested by the angry arachnids? Somehow escape their lair? Be saved temporarily then subjected to something WORSE!?