Bunny needs extra money, and whoring is out of the question because it always ends in being picked up by the cops, taken back to the station, and beaten, tortured, and having to service all of the boys in blue for free!

Bunny this time turns to the want ads and after having to read for over ten minutes, her head begins to hurt…luckily she does find a reasonable listing within the few that she was able to read, and that is house sitting and cleaning for an elderly woman in her own neighborhood!

She answers the ad, and must be there early the next day. Showing up late and dressed like a common whore, wearing a cropped top, mini skirt, and seven inch heels, immediately gets the ire up of the elderly woman who greets her at the door. After explaining the duties Bunny must complete, the old lady reluctantly leaves her in charge as she goes out to meet with her sewing circle…

Of course, when the old lady returns home, she, not surprisingly finds the lazy slut Bunny asleep on the couch, and the house in shambles….The sweet old thing snaps and decides to teach this sloppy whore a lesson…While she’s asleep, the old lady quickly strips her naked and securely binds her with thick rope..Bunny is so fast asleep, she doesn’t even notice, she’s more rag doll than human cum torture slut.

Bunny wakes up in a familiar way, stripped buck fuck naked and tied up! The elderly lady sits on the opposite couch and notices Bunny’s stirring…

‘Oh good, finally, you’re awake! ‘Time for you to pay for your ineptitude, you fat useless whore…”

“I didn’t even BUY any ineptitutes, so I’m not paying you for anything…” Bunny says…

“Stupid too…good, this will be fun…”

The lady approaches Bunny with a wicker basket. She opens it to reveal the contents…Over 10,000 pins!

“Lets see…where should we start hmm? Ah, those big fat nipples of yours” The lady casually inserts one of the pins directly in the middle of Bunny’s nipples…

“ugh…..OW!” Bunny grimaces in pain as the pin is pushed in all the way to its colorful beaded top!

“Oh, how about that DEEP navel next….I bet I could fit a hundred in that belly cavern of yours!”

“No…not there you old BITCH!’ Bunny exclaims! (she really has bad negotiating skills, and a foul mouth….That will likely work against her…)

“Down it goes…..oh, I can’t even see it anymore, your navel is so deep!” …”Ah, your little clit should hold an awful lot too don’t you think? Let’s find out!”

“Don’t you DARE! I NEED that!” Bunny Replies……”OWWWWWWWW!”

On and on it goes until all 10,000 pins have entered Bunny’s tied body left in agony with all of the pins in her for a few days…Then the old lady rolls Bunny up in an old carpet with the pins STILL in her, and has her bagged and left at the curb for trash pick up!

It’s over a week before Bunny emerges at the dump, naked, and still covered in the stinging pins, halfway submerged in garbage water….She begins extracting the pins painfully out of every inch and crevice of her body, and contemplates her long walk home…

Poor Bunny!