Moments after the cruise ship Bunny was vacationing on capsized, her unconscious body washes ashore on a South Seas island. She is soon discovered by a strange, forgotten native tribe that lives there, and is brought back to their village. Once there she is regarded and treated like a queen. Finally, Bunny catches a break. But, inevitably, she screws it up by secretly having sex with the male villagers, who are all too happy to oblige her. Unfortunately, this act is seen as the most blasphemous atrocity imaginable to the elders of the tribe. And when they find out about their ‘queen,’ fornicating with the commoners, they quickly and horribly punish poor dumb Bunny in the worst way possible. The natives turn out to be practising voodoo worshippers! Within minutes, Bunny is stripped and bound to a ceremonial pole. Bizarre spells are cast on her hot naked body as each village elder produces a voodoo doll of our hapless heroine. Soon Bunny is writhing in agony as voodoo pins are jabbed into the dolls and registering on Bunny’s body. Some of the natives even use poison tipped pins or heat the pins up before sinking them into the Bunny voodoo dolls. Fire is used to roast parts of the Bunny dolls’ anatomy and thus the real flesh bunny cries out in burning pain! Evil spells are cast on the dolls registering horrific pain in Bunny’s stretched body…her intestines churn, her brain boils and her bones ache at the magical onslaught….After several days of the awful procedure, Bunny’s pain wracked body is tied naked spreadeagled to a raft and exiled out to sea. Hopefully, she can keep her legs together on the next island!