Big titted Bunny is set down on a mysterious planet with a small red shirted away team to gather information. The Space ship captain wants to determine if the planet hosts aggressive dangerous lifeforms before sending the rest of his crew down to conduct further tests.

Almost immediately after setting down, the away team is brutally attacked by several different lifeforms of varying abilities working together! The crew is savagely killed in horrible ways except for the one female member that happens to be Bunny!

The aliens rip and tear at her clothes exposing her bare body underneath! As the Spaceship Ennerprize observes from above, the alien lifeforms begin to explore bunny’s body with their strange appendages, tentacles, probes and feelers…The on the spot strip search/examination begins to get rougher and more invasive as it continues!

Bunny is violated in every orifice known to medical science in the now full on attack of her sweaty body! Struggling is useless as the aliens are much stronger than they appear! To cease her continuous attempts to break free, one of the strange beings inserts a large grub like insect into Bunny’s ear! The creature immediately attacks what passes for a brain in Bunny’s head and in short order controls her motor reflexes rendering her virtually immobile! She can basically only show discomfort in facial expressions!

This allows the alien creatures to take all sorts of horrible liberties with Bunny’s body and they test her resilience to pain with great fervor!

Punches to her head, breasts, belly crotch and even her ass rain down on her while other creatures want to test out the resiliency and elasticity of her skin! They Stretch, clamp, and twist her flesh from head to toe in the most savage ways! They use chemical sprays emitted from their own orifices that contain different levels of toxicity and acidity on her body as she screams in pain inside her head! They inject her with venom and toxins to see what effect they have on her plump fleshy body…The atrocities continue to the point where after hours of this treatment, even Bunny’s brain fails to keep her conscious! It doesn’t make any difference to the aliens, when another brain slug is inserted into her to bring her back! They deeply desire her to feel and experience every aspect of her painful tests and monitor her life signs!

The tests begin to take a terrible toll on Bunny both physically and mentally! Signs of horrible abuse cover Bunny’s once hot body as the toxins, venom, and physical terror ravage her both inside and out and begin to leave a used up shell!

After three agonizing days, the aliens lift the magnetic field preventing the Ennerprize from beaming Bunny back and release her…

Maybe one day we can show you what was left of Bunny after being in the clutches of the Aliens on that hostile planet, but it might be too much of a shock to see her right now!

Those of you who would like to see Bunny after she was beamed back aboard, please leave a comment below asking for the resulting art!