We interrupt the regularly scheduled Bunny’s Belly Dancing Blunder part 10 to bring you a Savage Peril story from Bunny’s past…Bunny’s body will be worked on from the inside of her navel out next week!

Yes, I did say Bunny’s past however even I’m unsure how she could have survived this! I DON’T think Bunny has the ability to heal from being split in two! To be honest, I don’t really know either way, but this perilous situation must have gotten MUCH worse before it got any better!

Bunny had been hiking in a dense forested area alone…as usual..She had set out with her teeny bikini top, her tits constantly floppy out and around with every other step, her SUPER tight daisy-duke jean shorts riding up her ass and snatch, and for some incredibly stupid reason, her 8 inch platform high heeled shoes! Yup, she’s an idiot…always has been, always WILL be!

It seems that getting lost is a common occurrence for Bunny on these ‘hikes’…usually ending in catastrophic bodily harmful results…today will be no different!

Upon coming across and spying on some illegal loggers, Bunny is found out! She is confronted, captured, violated by all of the strapping loggers until limp, then, beaten for information! She is tied to a tree and has several blows administered to her sweaty cum soaked body by the men! They use tools on her, beat her with branches, stick wood in her holes, and work her bare tits over with a concentrated poison ivy rub, almost like they were marinating two pork roasts! After Bunny’s repeated denials to give them the answers they want, they leave her strapped to the tree for a few days until they have completed their illegal logging mission…..

Instead of untying Bunny from the tree, they decide to ‘off the bitch,’ by cutting the tree down with her still tied to it!! The tree falls flat, crushing Bunny’s almost completely nude body…almost completely! Because the loggers had tied her tits in severe breast bondage so tightly, the rigidity of her bulbous boobs saved her from the squashing!

The men, half amused and half annoyed at this turn of events, have another plan to do away with Bunny and her tough bimbo bitch body! The load her, still tied to the tree, onto their logging truck, and deliver her miles away to their logging plant!

After surviving the molestation, beating, bondage, torture, tree crushing , and miles of topless transport attached to a massive log, Bunny, barely conscious, is put to the milling station, STILL attached to the log! She undergoes the severe treatment a log must endure in the process…and finally…the splitting!!

The men observe Bunny throughout the inhuman process the log undergoes before it gets to the splitting, and hoped that she would have, by all reasoning, expired LONG before she got to this point! Now Bunny begins the slow horrifically agonizing process of being split from pussy to brain! The saw begins cutting away the tight rope holding her legs…up between her thighs, then, savagely ripping what’s left of her jean shorts off…then the whirring blade harshly caresses her clitoris!!!!

Could it be that Bunny WAS split in two? Could she have HEALED from THAT?! Is there another Bunny out there, regenerated from the split? Did the men turn off the buzz-saw moments before it reached her belly button when they realized how much they would have to mop up if Bunny had REALLY been split in half?!

I don’t know the answer to this either, but chances are that buzz-saw did have it’s way with her at least a LITTLE bit more! And honestly…even if it didn’t….for everything that happened to Bunny leading UP to being ‘clit split’….Poor BUNNY!