The foul liquid that the angry island natives made Bunny’s fine female form absorb in the last chapter, send the bad bugs on a rampage designed to make her suffer… and suffer she does. It seems that the natives are really getting their collective revenge for Bunny accidentally relieving herself on their ancient sacred burial ground. Wasps and bees swarm around her face, tits belly and crotch administering their horrible wrath in the form of stings…Other insects do their worst, biting, gnawing and injecting her with all sorts of unique venom. Still more insects invade or burrow into her helpless naked body causing horrific pain! From her head down to her toes and literally every inch in between, and even of course her insides, the vicious insects aggressively attack their buxom victim, driven insane by the concoctions the natives soaked her in . By the end of the ordeal, Bunny is left a bloated, broken, drooling husk of a woman, her body covered in boils, bites and ooze. Bunny now resembles something out of a horror movie. Through the atrocious throbbing excruciating pain, Bunny promises herself one thing… that no matter how bad she has to “go” next time, she will do it in her pants!