While vacationing in Tasmania, Bunny wanders away from the tour group to find a place to relieve herself. She does, but it is in the worst possible spot; the sacred burial ground of the Muerte Tribe. Before she can count to one, she is viciously attacked and subdued. She is clubbed on the head repeatedly, and the natives drag her by the hair back to their village where her punishment is quickly and severely meted out. They first strip her body naked and slather he with a horrible concoction of oils, leaf extracts and bull urine. She is then strung up by her wrists and the village women beat her senseless with heavy water reeds to force the marinade into her nude hanging body. After Bunny is left hanging in the excruciatingly hot sun for four days, they lower her into a pit of brine consisting of “only their gods know what”. After she is forced to soak up to her chin in the gunk for another four days, Bunny’s pitiful body is pulled out for the finale. The natives slap her to her senses and drag her bare body deep into the forest where they attach her spread open knees to two strong saplings. It seems that all of the fluids they soaked her in were meant to aggressively attract all of the worst jungle insects man has ever known, and Bunny WILL ever know. As an added and most cruel punishment, the natives place a hornets’ nest between Bunny’s knees. A simple kick sends the swarm into an angered frenzy as they attack poor Bunny’s booty and boobies with all the fervor of a million blow darts. The day progresses and insects of all kinds make Bunny’s pee in the woods, the worst mistake she ever made. Will Bunny survive her Bug Island ordeal? Tune in next time for more insexual behavior on Bunny’s body!