Bunny, as you know, works for an old, sick, twisted pervert at his corner convenience store. The Sick prick hired Bunny completely based on her being a slutty whore who dressed the part completely…also, because she’s as dumb as dirt! This made things interesting, for whenever Bunny fucked something up in the store, came in late, messed with the till, stole food, etc…He would come up with punishments that she felt that she had no choice but endure, as pay back! Punishments included standing naked in the store the whole day holding merchandise between her tits for customers to retrieve, Sitting bare-assed on thumbtacks all day, having to give blow jobs to anyone her boss saw fit to, while being whipped on the soles of her bare feet, the list goes on and on, and usually related to whatever the sadistic boss felt like doing to Bunny at the time!

Sometimes, when it just so happened that Bunny’s conduct was un-punishable, the old bastard would find a way to give her the business anyway! Like for the past week, bunny had been showing off her ass excessively…whether it was short shorts, pencil skirts, micro mini skirts coupled with whorishly high heels, Bunny’s ass was on extra display for at least a week….This made the old bastard crazy and he needed to make Bunny pay! Make Bunny’s ASS pay…the fact that her big titted carcass was connected to it was immaterial!

At the end of the day it was time to count the till before Bunny could leave for the day…Of course, the old sick bastard insisted on counting it and of COURSE he found Bunny short! She was told that she had two choices, lose two weeks pay, or endure a fully nude ass spanking…Bunny thought that if she didn’t pay her rent, her roommates would likely do MUCH worse to her…and there were THREE of them! Before that thought could fully form, bunny was sliding her thong panties down her thighs, and peeling her top off…

‘First I want you standing with your arms over your head!’ the old man grumbled….Bunny stood buck fuck naked except for her whore heels and readied herself for her ass destruction!

After two sweaty hours, Bunny’s fat ass was introduced to the most punishing barrage of beatings the sick sadist could deliver to it! He used different things around the store to really give it to Bunny’s poor cheeks…A lacrosse stick, golf club, TV antenna, Broom stick, length of woven cable, old phone cord….anything to annihilate her ass!

“Now, bend over and touch your toes you fat stupid whore!” In that position, Bunny’s ass was again assaulted! An hour gave way to two, and at one point Bunny collapsed to the dirty floor where her exposed ass meat was still pummeled…This time with a meat tenderizing mallet!

“Now you dumb cunt…get on my lap!” Bunny climbed onto the crusty old bastards lap for her last ass tormenting punishment…The sadist used a huge file, and wood planer to assault what was left of Bunny’s posterior…He finished with a stiff metal ruler, and by then, Bunny was losing consciousness, so he had to keep her on his lap by sticking his middle finger in her deep navel to keep her positioned…

After the hideous ass punishment, Bunny’s Boss dumped her naked body on the dirty store floor and let her lay there….when she awoke. she found that she couldn’t walk from the pain, and had to crawl to her apartment naked as her clothes were gone….The pain was so great that Bunny showed up for work late the next day….Of course THAT infraction would illicit a new punishment!

Poor Bunny!