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There are a LOT of sick freaks out there! Luckily a LOT of them get to take out their sadistic and sexually explicit plans and frustrations on our hapless bimbo heroine Bunny!

Take this horror story for example! A strange religious sect has been following Bunny for some time now! It turns out that the need the polar opposite of a virgin for their next sacrifice to the snake god they worship! They spy on Bunny sucking cock in cars, taking it up the ass in alley ways, get gang banged in locker rooms, and be a genuine human cum dumpster every day of her big titted, slut whore life! She is the prefect candidate for the ceremony!

When the time is right, the capture of the lousy whore takes place! While Bunny was out walking in her 10 inch slut heels, ultra mini daisy dukes, and micro tube top, a van pulls up along side of her…The door opens and Bunny is commanded to get in! She quickly steps in and is immediately assaulted! She is held down, violated in every orifice and beaten severely at the same time! The 8 men in the van abuse her and fill her body with cum until she is bludgeoned on the head with a pipe and is rendered unconscious!

When Bunny awakens she finds herself tied and stretched on a killer rack! It looks so long it could easily pull Bunny in half! There are many many men in robes standing around her, and soon, one by one, they mount the rack over Bunny’s head and force her to give them all blow-jobs which she is also, forced to swallow! As she hives multiple ‘head,’ she is slowly stretched more and more! As the last load is blown into Bunny’s severely stretched body, a blade begins to descend, swinging back and forth over Bunny’s slightly bloated belly!

Bunny, in utter agony is now in utter fright! They are going to cut her in half and her cum soaked body will explode will her innards flying all over the place because of extreme taught-ness! The men begin to chant and as their chant grows louder, the blade gets lower and lower until it kisses Bunny’s belly, just above her belly button!

It now not only kisses, but bites at her! It goes into her body and she now begins to panic as her racking has made her body so stretched and broken, she really feels the separation anxiety!

What will be the ultimate fate of our slutty, whore heroine? Will she be halved? Who will get the top and who gets the bottom? Which half will be violated more afterwords? Can Bunny even survive this? Will she somehow be SAVED at the last minute by ANOTHER cult that wants her for their own fucked up ceremony?

Either answer means more pain for Poor Bunny!