Well she got into it again…That dumb bitch Bunny has run afoul of a recluse old man one evening when her car broke down while she was driving to a rave!

She trudged seven miles in her nine-inch heels in the pouring rain to get help when she came across his humble little home in the woods. Bunny, being a petulant bitch got a bit hostile with the old man and demanded he help her with her automobile….Being a sadistic pervert, he thought that it would be easier to just spike the tea she demanded he make her, and incapacitate the wet whore…

Now he could drag her stupid bloated ass down to his antique torture chamber with strength he barely knew he had!

It’s amazing what a person can do when he knows that he is going to have the most fun he’s had in decades with a mouthy bitch dressed in stripper clothes!

Rather than show you every little detail of what the stupid tart endures for the next several days, I thought that this time I’d reveal the outcome of her many discomforts! You can scan the ‘leftovers’ of her body and come to your own conclusions!

Judging by the shape of her tits, it looks like a lot of heat was applied to at least one, due to the blisters. They both look severely whipped as does the rest of her raunchy carcass.

It looks like she got a full head to toe body beating on top of that too! The drooling could have come from electrical shocks administered to various tender spots on her body, and even her head, ‘hard to say…maybe he even garroted her a few times until she lost consciousness, or gave her head some good old blunt force trauma…

By the looks of her navel, it appears that it may have been gouged by something, or a ‘pear’ was used on it…or in it rather….It’s definitely bigger now than it was a few days ago..

Generally looks as though she was given the works and has now been left in her cell to rot for a few days. I’ll let you continue your own assessment.