Bunny’s Horrible treatment at the boot camp from hell continues… Her punishment for sneaking food was to have high heeled shoes that were two sizes too small, strapped to her poor sexy feet and then forced to run under the supervision and whip of an angry dyke on a motor bike…She is told to run ten miles,but it turns out to be double that! As Bunny surpasses her twenty first torturous mile, she is blistered head to toe by the scorching heat of the sun, covered in deep penetrating lash marks from the constant encouragement of her ‘instructor’, and barely able to stand, let alone run, as her once beautiful, sexy feet have been reduced to crushed and blistered dog food. The devious dykes decide that she’s suffered enough… actually, the motor bike ran out of gas; they would never think that she’s suffered enough! Anyway, Bunny is dragged back to the compound where the shoes that they squeezed and strapped onto her feet have to be cut off, at which point Bunny begs for something to eat. The dykes respond to this by dropping their pants and treating Bunny to a massive pussy face wash. They take turns forcing snatch into Bunny’s poor mouth until she passes out. When she wakes up, she finds herself in the horrible hot box, where she is kept for the rest of her brutal boot camp experience! On the bright side, she DID lose fifteen pounds which she plans to keep off, because goodness knows, she doesn’t want to have to go to THAT fat camp again!