Bunny is given a birthday present by her two evil roommates. It is an ell expenses paid trip to fat boot camp for two months. Bunny is so excited, she leaves the very next day, eager to shed some unsightly lard. Her excitement quickly wanes as it is revealed to her through some extremely harsh motivational methods, that this is a boot camp of pure terror! The evil dykes that run the camp, starve, beat and punish poor Bunny to extraordinary lengths… even for her. Almost going mad with hunger one day, Bunny is caught sneaking into the instructors’ kitchen! Her punishment is quickly meted out. She is forced to jog ten miles in seven inch high heeled shoes! What’s worse, the shoes are two sizes too small! What’s even worse that that, the biggest, meanest, dyke instructor follows behind her on a motorbike with a horse whip, and every time bunny even thinks of slowing down… WHAP! The whip makes its mark on Bunny’s soft jiggling flesh! The sweat of Bunny’s body makes her glisten like a baked ham in the blazing sun, as her pretty feet suffer within the tight leather straps of the punishment shoes! When will her torture end?