After almost being utterly destroyed by sadistic torture on her last ‘date,’ Bunny decides to try a new web dating service entitled ‘Plain Date…’ She just wants to experience a nice, relaxing, even boring date night and possibly some uneventful sex afterwords…Nothing weird, extreme or exciting at all. Unfortunately, Bunny’s complete lack of attention to detail, focus, or any sort of sentient intelligence has her overlook the small detail of the Web Dating site ACTUALLY entitled ‘PAIN Date!’ Yup, she’s as stupid as ever!

The dumb Bunny gets all ‘gussied up’ for her date and shows up over an hour late to the agreed upon meeting place. It’s an old run down pizzeria in the bad part of town. Her date is on his third drink and secretly pissed off and annoyed when she finally decides to waltz in wearing a sheer gown and red high heels! Her entire body can be seen through the flimsy gown, but having not one shred of shame left in her plump form makes Bunny oblivious to the attention she gets. Her date already begins sizing up what he wants to do to her body as he can basically see it entirely on display! They greet each other and engage in the usual flimsy small talk….

After stuffing her face with a ten topping medium pizza and six large beer, Bunny is escorted outside by her date and asked if shed be interested in a ‘nightcap’ at his home. Being the gluttonous pig that she is, Bunny accepts, and off they go!

Within a few hours of boozing and having several of her orifices penetrated, Bunny passes out. When she awakens, she is shocked to find herself bound in a damp, moldy basement with her hands suspended above her head! His was supposed to be a ‘Plain Date!’ She already got what SHE wanted! Not THIS again!

Bunny resigns herself to take her lumps, and when her date comes down to check on her, lumps are all she wishes she had to take!

The sadistic bastard shreds Bunny’s beautiful sheer gown from her body! He applies strenuous breast bondage to her fat hanging tits, then even more excruciating bondage to her nipples, pulling them up to the ceiling!

A spike hobnobbed dildo is inserted in her pussy hole and is slowly cranked up, and up and up, in an attempt to almost impale the sexy idiot! While the UN-pleasurable dildo is cranked up to somewhere behind her belly button, she submits to being a punching bag! Her date is quite an accomplished boxer it turns out and beats her torso until it is soft and manageable!

Bare electrical wires armed with full house current are taped to Bunny’s bulging purple tits and her lower belly over her softened ovaries. The shocks cause her to drool and beg, but as always, that sort of display only drives a true sadist to even worse treatment!

An interesting punishment is added to Bunny’s peril. An inch wide bolt is painfully threaded into her deep belly button, almost touching the metal dildo deep inside of her. After being tightened securely, Electrodes are added to the large heavy bolt and a staggering amount of current is switched on, traveling deep into her navel gut hole, on into the knobby rod within her.

After her date feels that she has suffered enough, (Bunny is smoldering at this point…), she is taken back home and dumped naked on her doorstep with the key to her apartment shoved up her ass for her to eventually discover and retrieve! What a gentleman! He’s definitely going into her little black book!

‘Thought this date was a disaster? Join Bunny next week for another ‘Pain Date’ before and after adventure with our dumb pain sponge heroine, Bunny Bound!