Bunny’s evil roommates are at it again…Failing to obliterate Bunny’s fat tits in a weekend long tit hanging torture punishment, the three evil babes seek further reasons to extract revenge on their slutty, stupid whore of a roommate. It’s one thing to constantly be abducted and put to unrelenting torture by sick sadists, aliens, monsters, living plants and criminals every time you set foot outside your home, but it’s worse when the people you LIVE with try to devise new ways to destroy your body and mind too!

So, in trying to find not only new punishments that will destroy Bunny, but also new infractions for her to be punished FOR, the girls take an evening to come up with something simple, and effective…This time, it’s Bunny’s turn to do groceries, so the plan will involve something regarding the grocery list…Upon arriving back from the store, the girls begin putting the food away when one of them declares that Bunny has purchased salted butter instead of unsalted! The drama regarding this thread bare faux pas quickly escalates, and before Bunny can even fathom what’s happening, she finds herself stripped to her panties, hung by her wrists by bungee cords in the kitchen and is having her breasts put into excruciating bondage!

“You dumb BITCH! This will teach you to fuck up the grocery list! Don’t cha know too much sodium in our diet could kill us!?”

Bunny answers with a “but…” BUT it’s too late! The girls tightly tie Bunny’s fat juicy nipples to each of her big toes…It doesn’t seem so bad a punishment until they start rubbing the soles of Bunny’s Bare feet with the butter, then spread it out, all over the floor around her! They kick her legs apart and Bunny begins to realize the Horror of this punishment! The wider her legs get, the MORE her nipples stretch! The slippery surface offers no footing and it takes all of Bunny’s leg strength to keep her feet from splitting apart! The girls set up a camera to tape her ordeal and leave the room..

After 6 hours of terror, torture, exhaustion and pain for Bunny and her nipples, the girls return to find her doing full splits on the floor, passed out from pain, with her nipples remaining in a completely disfiguring stretched out position…It takes over two weeks for Bunny’s ugly horror nipples to return to almost normal, much to the joy and humor of the nasty roommates who force Bunny to go topless in the apartment during that awful time and show off her gross stretched nipples!

Poor Bunny!