Hey everybody, Dick here…It is with great sadness that I have to inform you that the Patreon page, featuring the adventures of Bunny will eventually close…The GOOD news is that BUNNY LIVES ON ONLY FANS!!!

Only Fans is basically the same format as Patreon, but it allows freedom of expression in cartoon form! My illustrations and stories of Bunny are welcome and so are all of YOU!

For now, UPDATES ARE DAILY as I’m re-posting the Bunny vs Evil Nazis story line in its ENTIRETY!! That means WITH the conclusion that you would have seen here had we not been booted! To entice those of you who were awesome patrons to the page, NEW Bunny art/story will be posted every week in addition to the daily Bunny vs Evil Nazi posts!

I will re-post everything that WAS on the Patreon page, on to the Only Fans Page, but will always add NEW material, sketches, works in progress, one off stories, photo manips and photos of the REAL BUNNY BOUND MODEL!!!!

The buy in support is only $5/month and includes EVERYTHING! Comics, sketches, photos, manips, EVERYTHING! Please come by and support the newest Bunny Bound platform here : https://onlyfans.com/bunnybound

It is becoming increasingly difficult to enjoy the freedoms we used to in this day and age…I’ve had to work so very hard, not JUST creating the tons of Bunny material that you love, but to keep it visible for all to see! The Bunny Bound model is extremely eager to create more incredible scenarios with her body, I’m at the top of my game in terms of motivated creativity, you the fans have shown tremendous interest, all we need to do is create the circle of Bunny Power! LOL!!

Help me Keep freedom of expression alive, keep art alive, keep Bunny alive! It’s actually MORE important now than ever! Thank you! I hope to see you all soon! 🙂

Here’s that link to the Bunny Bound Only Fans page again! https://onlyfans.com/bunnybound