Today marks the tenth page posting of the brand new MASSIVE graphic novel featuring that Big Titted Bimbo Bunny Bound! It is unsure how many pages it will ultimately be, but it looks like so far, it will be over a hundred at LEAST!
A new page is posted on the Bunny Bound Patreon page each week, and we’re already up to page TEN! To check out ALL of the pages, plus TONS of other images, click THIS link!

The above ‘collage’ is just a few panels from various pages of the graphic novel to give you a glimpse of what to expect…there will of course be MUCH more to come! Also, the Graphic novel is available in its entirety at the $1 tier! That means, you will get AT THE VERY LEAST, 52 brand new, exclusive Bunny Bound updates a year for $12 a year!! Of course there are MANY surprise posts too, and if you join now, you’ll see what I mean immediately!

Also, updates are on time, and of the best quality! I do my VERY BEST to take care of the people who support Bunny!

Hope to see YOU there soon!