Bunny gets her stupid ass into the strangest, most excruciating predicaments doesn’t she? Kind of a rhetorical question actually…

Months ago, Bunny was abducted from a cruise ship by Somali Pirates and sold into slavery…After she was completely used up as sexual entertainment, she was forced to work completely naked as a slave in a brutal coal mine! This horrific ordeal had begun to take its toll on even Bunny’s body, as she was worked day and night, almost to death! The slavers noticed Bunny’s resilience to pain and bodily stress when everyone forced to work with her at the same time, had long since perished! In fact, she had survived through four different slave work crews! This drove the evil men to work Bunny like they have never worked a human slave before! Constant daily whippings, the attachment of machinery to her naked body to improve production, starvation, rape, torture and inhuman conditions, finally, it broke even Bunny, (at least for the time being…)! One night, after being brutally assaulted, she tried to escape the clutches of her captors! She was recaptured and put to one of the most severe beatings ever to go on record…(were looking for those records now for a future post…stay tuned!). It left Bunny on the brink of utter uselessness as a human! The slavers, realizing she was basically finished as a slave, or as a cum dumpster, took her deep down into an abandoned and toxic part of the mine, hoisted her on a bondage cross, and nailed her naked, ruined body to it! She was left to expire on her own and serve as a warning to anyone who came across her!
Days passed…then, out of the dark shadows, strange forms emerged and began to approach Bunny’s wretched body hanging on the scaffold..Strange subterranean creatures converged on Bunny, interested in her human female form! Bunny, still unconscious, but very much, (well, not THAT much), alive was unaware of their presence…Had she seen them, she may have screamed in terror at their strange humanoid forms!

The question now is, what will they do with the ruined body and mind of Bunny? Will they worship her as some sort of goddess, or have their own strange, sick inhuman ways with her!? What further atrocities could this race of subterranean creatures vent on her?

The answer will be revealed in a future post! (I think we can all sort of guess!) 🙂