Our heroine Bunny has three roommates. They are all tree hugging environmentalists, they are all hot, and they are all EVIL!

They love to torture and punish Bunny every chance they get. Mostly because they have all lost boyfriends to Bunny due to her hyper slutty ways, but also because they just really like to watch her suffer, like most people do…Can you blame them?

Bunny’s roommates have come up with several rules that they are oh so eager to enforce with swift and horrible penalties if she should cause an infraction. Most of the rules involve the wasting of energy, or water or the failure to recycle properly, but others are just…well anything and everything…If Bunny is late with the rent, they get to lay her down in the middle of the living room floor, buck fuck naked and trample her body wearing any and every pair of shoes they own, from high heel stilettos, to cleats for no less than one solid hour. If Bunny forgets to purchase her share of the groceries, she is bare ass beaten with a belt by all three girls each getting fifteen minutes alone with her naked behind.

Other penalties are kind of created as she makes mistakes. For example, this morning, Bunny left the iron on and ruined her roommate Stacy’s favourite blouse. This could not go unpunished, so the girls gang up on an unsuspecting Bunny who was getting ready for her day of work down at the corner confectionery, and bind her to a sturdy chair. They had told her what she had done and Bunny agreed to take her lumps. Stacy, infuriated with Bunny’s act of careless stupidity, grabbed a hair brush and began beating Bunny’s tits with it…After she realized that this wouldn’t suffice she asked Monique to hand her the blow dryer…

“Bitch, I’m gonna do something about your stinking fucking pussy” and she shoved the dryer between Bunny’s legs. Before long Stacy had tied it securely between Bunny’s squirming thighs and turned it on ‘Max!’ “This outta dry out that sopping cunt of yours! Maybe this will teach you not to fuck up”

The three girls watched as the heat between Bunny’s legs began to rise, making her sweat profusely…”Ohhhh No more! My pussy is baking!” Bunny said…But the girls just crossed their arms and watched…Soon Bunny was screaming in pain from the heat in her box! The girls, now becoming disgusted with the sight of Bunny writhing against the pussy pain, and the smell filling the room, leave and shut the door behind them muffling Bunny’s begging. About forty five long minutes later the dryer motor burns itself out leaving Bunny and her hot crotch unconscious and still tied to the chair. ‘Looks like she’ll be a little late for work…no matter, her boss has his own methods for punishing Bunny’s tardiness!