The Bunny ears and tail smelled funny, the one piece body suit was so small and ill fitting her tits spilled out and her pussy and ass were split mercilessly, and the high heeled shoes were at least two sizes too small, and almost too high to walk in, but since she passed her audition with flying colors, Bunny was no less than eager and excited to FINALLY do a photo shoot with PLAYBY magazine!

Soon the photo staff and editor in chief and the big guy himself, ushered Bunny into the studio where her shoot was to take place! It was kind of dingy and dank, but Bunny just naturally figured that it was part of the amazing ‘ambiance’ the photographers and staff were able to create!

The shoot required Bunny to be tied by the wrists and ankles and have her arms attached to a beam overhead…then have some severe nipple clamps attached to her bulging tits, then be whipped without mercy until unconscious….It was a classic ‘Damsel in Distress’ type photo shoot, one Bunny thought she would have no difficulty whatsoever in pulling off!

A funky smelling and tasting ball gag was inserted in between Bunny’s lips and the harsh nipple clamps were administered…then came the whips! Bunny was lashed horribly while photos and video were being shot all around her! It seemed that more photographers and people with video cameras were allowed in the room too! The flogging became all too real and before long, Bunny WAS losing consciousness! Each time she would regain her senses, a new torture was being administered to her hanging body! The last she looked, she was fully naked and someone was squashing her tits with a pair of pliers until she passed out again!

Eventually, when Bunny awoke, the ordeal had ended and she was still hanging in the dank room naked…It turned out that the ‘Playboy’ shoot was just a gimmick to get Bunny into a severe bondage/torture photo/film shoot! As Bunny had time hanging naked in the dirty cellar, she remembered that the ‘Playboy mansion’ wasn’t in Indonesia where they flew her, the audition photos shouldn’t have consisted of her being gang banged by the crew and photographers, and forced into humiliating poses and acts with farm animals….And come to think of it….Hugh Hefner ISN’T a short obese Asian man!!!


‘Nope, Hugh was NOT part of this Bunny story obviously…He was someone I respected as a real maverick and someone who tried to make ‘sexuality’ a more mainstream idea in the USA…something that was and STILL is an incredibly difficult thing to do, given the prudish parameters of the majority populace! I could go on and on but love him or hate him, he WILL be missed! RIP Hugh Hefner!