Bunny blows a fuse leaving her blow-dryer on too long and calls an electrician to come over and to fix it. When she comes up short in compensating his labor, she agrees to go on a date with him that same evening.

He plans to wine her, dine her, and squeeze her naked body into a horrifying electrical torture device in his basement! And, after Bunny agrees to a few drinks at his house, that’s exactly where she ends up.

The twisted electrician drugs our hapless heroine and drags her prone body into his basement for some electrifying torture tests in a diabolical machine that he’s been working on for years in an attempt to turn a woman into a willing slave, devoid of any free will. Little does he know, that is what would be written on Bunny’s business card if she had one. Unfortunately, he doesn’t want to get to know the statuesque stooge long enough to find this out and is more interested in seeing her naked flesh vibrate, pulse and throb under the staggering electrical punishment he forces her to endure! Once Bunny has been secured in the electrical tit-cage and all of the wires have been firmly clamped, inserted or stuck to her body, the first switch is thrown! Hundreds of volts penetrate Bunny’s body from tits to twat! Then, more switches are thrown, buttons are pressed. Levers are pulled and she spasms and shudders as shocks cascade through her, entering here, exiting there and causing horrible discomfort everywhere else.

After a few weeks of this treatment, Bunny lucks out as the sadistic electrician is arrested under the suspicion of growing marijuana as a result of massive amounts of electricity he was racking up. And she stopped speaking with a stutter about a month after being released from the basement.