Remember that crazed electrician that subjected Bunny’s body and brain to a blistering blitzkrieg of a bazillion volts of electricity way back? Well, he was jailed, and given a pretty stern sentence of one year! He’s now out early on good behavior and has only one thing on his mind…Revenge on Bunny!

You’d think SHE’D be the one wanting revenge on him for almost completely destroying her on a molecular level with carefully choreographed electro torture, but luckily, she doesn’t really even remember the ordeal…not only was her brain destroyed by that long stay with the electro fiend, but she wasn’t really that bright to begin with, and she’s had her mental capacities tampered with and tortured a LOT since then!

She doesn’t even recognize him when he pulls up to her in a rental van, and asks her to get in…Bunny stupidly complies, a kidnappers dream she is, and they head towards the abandoned warehouse district..

Bunny and her kidnapper, exchange some small talk as he fishes around, under his seat for a chloroform soaked rag…She is in mid sentence, talking about her shoes or something, when he plants the rag on Bunny’s busy lips and upturned nose. It takes a while for her to pass out, as she has developed a little bit of a tolerance to knock out drugs, but eventually she succumbs, and falls over with her fat tits spilling out of her top…

An ice cold bucket of water revives the now naked and bound Bunny as she finds herself in the middle of one of those abandoned warehouses. The mad electrician has fitted her amble body with some cable contraptions, and approaches her…

“Well bitch, I guess you still don’t remember who I am…that’s okay, I’m actually surprised that you can even walk and talk correctly after what I put you through the first time…You should be in a wheelchair, drooling like an idiot at best!”

“This time though, there is going to be no recovery from what I do to you! This is revenge after being locked up after our first meeting ended poorly and I wasn’t able to continue my experiments on you!” I see you’re tough, so I’m going to go tougher on you!

“Prepare your body and brain for total annihilation!” The madman, satisfied with his rant, turns to his now much more primitive control panel…

“Who are you again? Were you one of my last dates?” Bunny asks..

It is then that a loud ‘hummmm’ can be heard…the power grid has been activated and is ready to pump Bunny’s body with horrible electricity!

“Yes you stupid slut-whore…I’ll be your LAST date!” He flicks a switch and Bunny is lifted off her feet with juice!

He goes back and forth from her head gear, to her tits to her toes, to her twat and even the contact attached to her navel jewelry! Bunny jerks around uncontrollably and in blinding agony! Her body parts connected to the current begin to blacken, smoke rises from her bare naked body, she begins to foam at the lips…BOTH set of lips! Her eyes roll so far back into her skull that she can see her own brain turning into a prune, then raisin! The pain is utterly horrific!
The mad electrician milks the entire procedure of pain out for as long as he possibly can, but eventually it has to come to an end! That end isn’t for four days however, and Bunny looks the part of someone who stayed in a tanning bed set to max for two weeks! Her once gorgeous body, is now a blackened soot colored husk….The electrician, satisfied with his revenge, having captured the prolonged torture ordeal on video for future viewing enjoyment, leaves Bunny there, strung up and completely unconscious!

Poor Bunny!