After hours upon hours the utterly horrific beating and pulverizing and even perforating of Bunny’s Body finally ceases… The hardened criminals intent on breaking her spirit and making her a human cum dumpster mercifully relent…Mercifully? Really, it is to check her hanging carcass for any signs of life. You have to admit, you’ve likely seen more attractive women who have been murdered by a wood chipper! Bunny’s ever resilient body has been tested past the breaking point this time and is looking very worse for wear…She hangs by the wrists now completely immobile with all of her weight straining the ropes which hold her upright….One of the men go in for a closer inspection when Bunny surprisingly jerks back to consciousness!

She spits in the curious mans face and again tells them all to fuck their mothers! Oh, Bunny, have you learned nothing by being a hanging naked pulverizing bag of meat!? A baseball bat to the back of her head silences her once again, then comes more of the gang beating onslaught! Cattle prods to her head, as well as concrete blocks scramble what’s left of her brain…the rest of her body is further tenderized from her tits to her toes, and even her insides!

All of the men take turns until they are completely drained of energy…Bunny has never suffered such a beating…has anyone? Stay tuned for the next and Final chapter!

Poor Bunny!