Bunny has been invited to the hideout of a massive criminal organization to be the sexual plaything and entertainment for the evening! When she refused to participate in a thirty man plus gang bang they tied her with her arms overhead and began to beat the woman out of her until she gives in to her demands! A horrific beating to Bunny’s entire body has begun, and has escalated into an epic test of Bunny’s will and that of her tormentors!

For a moment the beating stops! Bunny hangs in her bonds, the only thing keeping her from collapsing, and asked again…

“So cunt, are you ready to take yer Gang Banging?”

The response……”Fuck………you….”

Bunny then spits in the face of the closest man….

There is a moment of frozen silence and then an explosion of furious motion, all directed at Bunny’s hanging carcass! Don’t ask where it came from, but a medieval like mace is added to her full body beating as is a wooden board…

More attention is given to her head as the mace hits her in the back of her skull, while a baseball bat ‘caresses’ her face!

Bunny almost immediately regrets her latest action and wonders how long they will continue this time before asking her again…if they even do! She also wonders what she will respond this time! Will she have to give in and become a bruised and beaten fuck toy? She can feel her insides softening with the constant destructive force used against her…She is becoming tenderized by torture!

Will She Give Up?! Find out in the very next chapter!