Severe punishment is used on Bunny when she refuses to participate in a thirty man gang bang on her slut body! Normally Bunny would welcome such an act of mass sexual congress, and even encourage it, but today, she picked the wrong day to refuse to have her body used as a cum dumpster….! More’s the pity…for HER!

As the constant beating and tearing down of her sexy, voluptuous body continues, MORE and different implements of suffering are added to encourage her to give up her holes!

A member of the group leaves the bodily massacre party for a moment to go outside. When her returns, he has with him, a ‘bouquet’ of large, long stemmed thistles! They are used to scourge Bunny’s flesh now, leaving their sharp thorns in her soft body!

Another member finds a pile of bricks and blocks in a storage room out back and brings them to the party! He hands them out to other members and they quickly hurl them into Bunny’s tits, torso and toes!

A bamboo pole is used to shove between her closed thighs, then raked across her uncooperative pussy! The raised segments of the pole bruise her smooth snatch hole!

Finally, a thin metal wire is wrapped around Bunny’s throat, and two men on either side begin to pull, choking Bunny in a horrible two man garrote torture! The force the two exert is akin to two groups of people having a tug of war contest and Bunny’s tongue flaps wildly out of her mouth, and her eyes bulge almost to the point of popping out her skull!

The lead pipe, pool cues, and chain continue to relentlessly batter and whip lash her body, with her now fully exposed fat, sweaty tits becoming a really unfortunate target of much of the abuse!

It is at this point uncertain weather Bunny can hold out much longer and will have to become a sex slave to the gang of bastards, or be physically obliterated by them instead!

We will have to find out what happens in the next installment!