The Horrific beating continues!

More of Bunny’s Whore Outfit is ripped, torn, and shredded off of her slut body as a length of chain and a wooden board are introduced as new implements of punishment! As before, the angry mob of degenerate criminal sadists spare no inch of Bunny’s body the terrible barrage of impacts! Her head and face gets beaten, her fat sloppy tit rack, her torso, ribs, legs, feet even her fingers and toes! Bludgeoning blows to her kidneys, guts and crotch are also repeated, all in an attempt to get her to willingly spread her legs for a monster gang-bang with all the members of the malignant club!

Being over thirty men strong, there are long stretches of time in which the beating, clubbing, whipping, and thrashing to Bunny’s body, never stops! If one of the cruel bastards gets tired, the next man takes up the weapon of bodily destruction and gets to work!

The sounds of the implements used against the defiant whore resonate in the room and only serve to increase the levels of impact the individual sadists delivered to her spasming body!

It won’t be long until the constant barrage of beatings renders Bunny fully naked and absolutely open and helpless to further destruction…That IS unless she gives in!

Tune in to see what happens to the hanging whore heroine in the next chapter!