It has been quite an ordeal for stupid, defiant, once sexy Bunny…all totaled, she has spent twelve hours almost constantly beaten with everything from baseball bats, canes, bamboo poles, car antennae, bike and regular chain to bricks, concrete blocks, darts, nettles, pool cues and basically anything and everything the men beating her could get their hands on! They even tried choking her out and used a fully charged cattle prod on her and IN her!

This was all in an attempt to get her to be the sexual entertainment for all of the thirty plus guys at the hideout/club that night! Bunny wouldn’t have it…although normally, it would be something she’d MORE than encourage! For some reason she just didn’t feel her old fuck-whore self and boy did she ever pay the price for it!

After beating Bunny into a stew like substance, the men finally lowered her to the floor in a heap…It is here that she would at least bear the ultimate brunt of her refusal…The men circled her destroyed body and turned her into a thickly coated bukkake sculpture! They blew load after frustrated load all over her completely annihilated body in a last ‘fuck you’ to her resistance! Fur good measure, the still highly charged cattle prod was stuck into her pummeled pussy and turned on high so they could watch her vibrate and smolder under the full weight of their hate cum! A few spit takes later, they locked up behind themselves leaving Bunny to wait for their next visit!

What do you think they’ll do to her next time?

Poor Bunny!!