While sunning her body on the beaches of Rio, Bunny is approached by some men who identify themselves as Olympic officials..They tell her what an amazing body she has and if she is a US citizen. Bunny of course agrees and tells them that she is from the USA! The men ask her if she would like to participate in the Olympic Games! Bunny agrees! She straps on her high heels, gathers her things, and has the men escort her to their car, a broken down old yellow cab. Giddy with excitement, Bunny asks which event she will be in. The men are at first silent, then one says…”Um, I think that it is called the, um, Tiger Bench Challenge!’ The other men erupt in laughter as they continue into a wooded area and on towards a compound hidden in the forest.

The men escort bouncy Bunny into a hut and prepare her for the Tiger Bench event! They tell her to remove her shoes and sit on the bench where they begin to tie her arms above her head and her legs together..They even tie her two big toes together for extra measure..

Then the true event begins! The men tell her that each brick they can fit under her feet will get her closer to a gold metal! Bunny is excited and gladly takes four bricks under her heels to start! The men leave her for about forty minutes in which time Bunny begins to feel horrible discomfort in her legs, feet and ever her back! When the men return, another brick…..and another! Bunny begins to sweat profusely and starts to groan and whimper.

‘We’ll be back” The men say…Bunny sees that there are cameras all around the hut, filming her Olympic ordeal…So, she smiles as much as possible from now on to put on a good show!

The men are obvious kidnappers and want to send a message to the United States that they will kidnap and torture their visiting citizens if they do not come up with a large ransom!

It looks like it’s going to be a long night for Bunny as the men return to add more suffering bricks to her aching heels!

The Tiger bench torture eventually forced Bunny to pass out, but it was only after Seventeen bricks! Furious that she was still attempting to smile near the end, they later revived Bunny for a remarkable beat down, and left her unconscious near the beach, her body broken and her high heels crammed in her ass! She didn’t even get the Bronze! Poor Bunny!