Ask and ye shall receive! Due to the huge success of the, ‘Bunny and the Molten Lead Bra’ piece from a week or so ago, here’s the follow up that many of you asked about! Today and tomorrow, a new post will be added as I wrap up the huge Bunny vs Evil Nazis story, and prepare the next big epic, ‘BUNNY IN HELL!!’ Enjoy!

At first Bunny was laughing off the punishments inflicted on her writhing naked flesh by one of her MANY insane ex-boyfriends…Then shit got REAL! The revenge tortures really started to work on her and her laughter and general bitch ass behavior turned to screams and bitch ass begging! The torture that turned the tide was having molten, boiling lead applied to her tied, naked tits!

The hot metal really did a number on her fat bags of bitch flesh and her ex could not have been happier to see her distress! Now that he has leaned more about the levels of pain needed to drive her mad, he has some BIG plans for his former Bunny!

He lets the molten lead harden on Bunny’s scorched, disfigured tits as she finally drifts mercilessly into eventual unconsciousness.. Once the metal has hardened, virtually fusing to her flesh, he abruptly wakes Bunny up with a cattle prod jolt to the temple! Bunny, still of course in horrific agony, looks down at her once gorgeous rack, and sobs! She once again begs for the torture to stop, but her enraged ex is JUST beginning! He produces various types of pliers and begins the horrific removal of the heavy lead bra attached to the aching tits of Bunny Bound!!

Four hours later, the last bit of lead is removed from Bunny’s jugs! Her ex didn’t realize it would be such a chore, but it was difficult to tell what was lead, and what was Bunny’s tits in the removal process! During the utterly monstrous ordeal, Bunny became catatonic with pain and disgust for her own breasts…They now resemble something out of a Horror Movie!

A good idea is a good idea, so, soon after Bunny is bludgeoned with a pipe and knocked unconscious again, she is removed from her seated leg crushing position and brought to a special ‘horse’, tied in a back breaking bondage position, and has spikes placed under her heels for added pain!

Eight hours later, Bunny stirs, again awakening to searing pain! Her tits are still horrific and are still bound due to the fact that the molten lead permeated the tight ropes keeping them close to bursting and was unable to be removed! Her body is now raked with agony in the position she’s bound, and a sharp pain also emanates from her heels! This will soon pale in comparison to whats in store for her next!
Her ex enters the room but Bunny cant see what hes doing over her wall of destroyed tit meat..He produces a long metal funnel with a gag tie and jabs Bunny’s charred nipple with a barbecue fork! As she cries out in pain, he shoves the metal funnel into her spread lips and down her throat! He tightly ties it in place and shows her another, longer metal funnel!
“Guess where THIS ones’ going bitch!”

Bunny’s eyes get wide and her frantic begging can be heard through her mouth funnel! Her insane ex shoves and twists the metal device in between her other set of spread lips and turns to a table that has a large metal pail atop it….MORE MOLTEN LEAD!!!

“We’ve seen what the boiling lead does to those tits of yours whore…they look like two piles of burnt shit, and I’m sure they feel WORSE…Now lets see what it does INSIDE your cunt body!”

The madman makes good on his threat and pours two liters of molten hot boiling lead into her pussy funnel! Steam and smoke blast out from around the funnel from the depths of Bunny’s body! Despite the other funnel being halfway down her throat, intense screams of pain can be heard from the tied and tortured bitch! Sweat seems to be forced out of her pores as her inner body temperature rises…Passing out from pain seems like a good idea, but as soon as her maniac ex sees her staring eyes begin to flicker ZAPPPP-P! another shock to the temple to keep Bunny up and feeling ALL of the pain…A few minutes pass and the funnel inserted into Bunny’s sore pussy no longer needs to be held in place manually….the lead has begun to already harden!!

“Well bitch, I hope that you liked that! You’re so fucking ugly now you need molten lead pumped into you to be hot! HA HA HA HA!!! Now I’m gonna do something that I always wanted to do to you since you fucked up my life forever….Make you eat HOT LEAD!….First in the snatch, now down the hatch!!!”

And then the unthinkable happens! Four liters of molten lead are sent down Bunny’s mouth funnel, into her bound body! No amount of electric prods to her head can revive the carcass of Bunny now although he does try an awful lot! Bunny gives out and appears lifeless, her insides destroyed by the poisonous metal…

Bunny’s now much heavier body is wrapped in blankets and taken to a scrap yard to be crushed in an old car by Bunny’s ex’s buddy…”So long Bitch, you’re going to be pissin’ and shittin’ bullets in Hell!”

After a few days, Bunny miraculously awakens with a severe stomach ache, and horrible pussy pain…She begins to recall the horrible ordeal that brought her to where she now is and begins to wonder how much pain going to the bathroom will be for the next six months!

Poor Bunny!