The dumbest twat in the world is once again captured by the meanest cunt in the world! That’s Mistress Mean’s ‘M.O.’, capture, torture, release….repeat…Her victim of course, Bunny!

Mistress Mean is a diabolical monster who, normally, by day is quite a pleasant lady who runs an animal shelter/hospital, but, because of a freak accident involving a faulty electrical panel and several vials of animal vaccines, periodically turns into the most vicious Dominatrix Bitches on the planet…Kind of like a Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Hyde type thing…except worse!

Her first transformation occurred years ago, and it JUST so happened that she was driving by a club on a night that Bunny was walking…no, staggering home…The drunk Bunny was just about to be attacked by a gang of rapists when Miss Mean intervened and commanded Bunny to get into her car…Bunny of course obliged and within moments passed out drunk…It didn’t help that over twelve people drugged her drinks at the club prior…

When Bunny awoke, in a haze, and with a 12 alarm headache, she found herself in a situation she has found herself many times before…Tied up, and stripped naked…She was bound standing, arms above her head, with a bar keeping her feet spread apart…

Before the usual groan could escape Bunny’s lips, Mistress Mean entered the room…She introduced herself and proceeded to explain to Bunny what she was going to do to her….

“You are a piece of meat for me to vent my frustrations on…I will take full advantage of your body in several positions. In those positions I will beat, whip, torture, humiliate and reduce your body and mind to a mere shadow of what you now appear to be! I will experiment upon your body with many ancient and meieval techniques of pain and suffering simply for my amusement…You will obey my every command no matter how humiliating, painful or harmful it is for your well being willingly, or I will break your will so that you will obey in time…that is the only choice that you will be given while you are with me here in my lair…”

“You may scream, cry and groan, but if you speak without being asked to, your punishment will be so severe, you will regret being born…Are you clear on this Whore Damsel?”

Bunny nodded ‘yes’….

“Then allow me to begin!”

In the days that followed, Bunny was put to tortures she had not experienced since her time in the Spanish Inquisition, the Salem Witch Trials, and while a prisoner, interrogated by Nazis in WW2…She was forced to preform abhorrent sexual favors, participate in twisted feats of endurance and made to inflict pain on herself! At one point Bunny, exhausted and in blinding pain from being forced to ‘Do The Worm’ over blazing hot coals and broken glass bottles, rolled onto her back, gasped for air and went motionless…She appeared quite dead….

Something about Bunny’s apparent ‘death’ shocked Mistress Mean into reverting back to her kind hearted, mild mannered original persona, Magdalena Morricone, and upon seeing the destroyed body of Bunny laying on her floor, panicked and rushed to dispose of her body!

Once Bunny’s body had been wrapped in garbage bags and stuffed into a drainpipe several miles away, Magdalena attempted to continue with her normal life, and forget about the horrible things she vaguely remembers doing to that oversexed whore she abducted…She blocked off the entrance to her horror dungeon, and went back to her daily chores saving puppies and kittens….

Barely 6 months had gone by when, while driving back home from a Animal Wellness seminar, Magdalena saw a person walking down the dark streets in the distance…The person was wearing 7 inch high heels, a micro mini skirt, halter top that showed off her enormous tits and stiff nipples and a huge heart shaped ruby navel piercing shining in the street lights…the slutty dressed bitch seemed drunk….It was that WHORE DAMSEL!

The car slowed down beside the staggering slut….”Get in the car…” said a low voice…Mistress Mean was BACK!

Poor Bunny!

‘Just wanted to let you guys in on a little behind the scenes info…The drawing you see here of Mistress Mean was actually created many years ago, and was supposed to be a villain for the Bunny character even before there WAS a Bunny character….Just like the story, she would transform to this ‘Mr. Hyde’ type Dominatrix, and capture and torture Bunny until she realized what she had done, reverted back and tossed Bunny’s Body, only to see her again and be triggered into the whole process again and again!

The Bunny image was added to the slightly embellished/reworked old art of mistress Mean to create today’s post image!

Hope you all liked it! Mistress Mean is sure to return…Would you guys like to see more of her giving Bunny a working over…? Let me know!