And so it continues! The brutal middle Eastern punishment for Bunny’s horrible crimes against their culture! This is known as stage ONE : The waist reduction treatment! Whip lashes are employed as the victim is tied with their arms over head to stretch them all of the way out, their waist bared naked, and their body helpless to the onslaught of the whips! Normally only two men are charged with whipping the victim, but Bunny’s case is so severe, three of the strongest males are used to administer the lashes!

The aim of this stage is to render the victims’ middle area, back and front so deeply scarred from whipping, that they are never seen belly dancing again! Their wastes so horrifically disfigured by the lash marks and deep abrasions, that they must, if they even survive this stage, hide away forever in shame and utter embarrassment! Some whippings in the past were so forceful and cruel, the lashes revealed bone! This is at least the minimum hope in destroying Bunny’s belly and back!

Bunny is whipped with such harshness, that even given her incredible resistance to pain, even SHE is rendered unconscious! It is of little consequence however, because delivering atrocious pain to the victim is a secondary goal…the main purpose is to permanently destroy the flesh! To that end, the torturers continue the whipping well past the point of Bunny passing out and simply hanging limp! You’ve heard of whipping a dead horse? This time, the idea is just that! Bunny’s lifeless body jerks, spasms and flails as the energetic whipping is continued on her increasingly brutalized midsection!

It’s only a matter of cruel time before rib cage, spine and hipbones will appear through what’s left of Bunny’s torso! Can she survive long enough to endure her next torture geared to deform and disfigure her body!? Find out next week!