Dick Napalm here, the creator of Bunny Bound! For me, Bunny has had to be a back burner project due to the many other art commitments I am obligated to do. It has been a real dream of mine to one day work on Bunny full time! ‘Hopefully we all share that same dream! If my goals here are reached with the help of you fine individuals, I will renounce my other art jobs and focus fully on trying to destroy Bunny! That means more wild fun and crazy BDSM weirdness for YOU to enjoy! All of the art I do for the Bunny Bound strips is traditional pen and ink, a true throwback Thursday in every panel! I also employ a model when I can to produce the really tricky Bunny Bound illustrations! All of this takes its financial toll, which is why I am coming to you, hat in hand, hoping that you LOVE the madness of the Bunny comics enough to throw in a couple of bucks to keep her going! Help me help you to NOT help Bunny! If you know what I mean! The goal is to create more Bunny Bound strips, Graphic Novels and countless one off stories and pinups each more mind altering than the last! Thank you so much for your support!

On top of creating the comic each week, I’ll also be adding an exclusive Patreon CYOA (Choose Your Own Adventure Story) called Bind Bunny Bound: A Choose Your Own Adventure Story which I’ll update monthly based on the votes YOU make.

You can become a patron by clicking HERE