The government experiments to permanently Bust Bunny’s Tits finally reaches its crescendo level of torture!

After weeks of tit punishment, Bunny’s big fat gorgeous rack…or once gorgeous anyway, is introduced to not only another hard tit tie, but a large industrial meat grinder!

Bunny is horrified as she is led naked into the chamber where stands the lone tit mangling device! She is bent over, tied, and her tits are fed into the unforgiving gears! She is injected with a serum to keep her awake during the ordeal, and within seconds of being positioned for the merciless torture, it begins!!

The scientists start turning the massive handle behind Bunny’s bare ass, and her tit meat is drawn into the horrific machine! She immediately begins to scream in agony! Her tits get ground, pinched, squeezed, crushed, pulled and pulverized between the iron gears!

More turning, more! Then…her sweating, ground up, mashed nipples can be seen exiting the grinder…then more of her obscene tit flesh! Her screams of pain and agony resonate within the chamber! She begs, pleads, promises the scientist all sorts of degrading sexual favors, but the experiment MUST go on!

They command Bunny to tell them what sort of pain she is feeling, but again…it’s no use…Even though she is kept awake and aware of the excruciating pain and disfigurement of her once gorgeous tits, all that can come out of her mouth is gibberish, screams, grunts, occasional vomit, and drool…

Her tits are murdered by inches as the entire process takes over six hours to complete…each turn of the handle slowly inches Bunny’s mangled fat tits out of the grinders’ mouth…

Even after having been injected with the ‘wake up’ formula several more times during the sickening procedure, Bunny’s mind and body finally give out and she is deeply unconscious at the very end…Her tits, utterly destroyed…

The grinder has to be ┬ádisassembled to have Bunny’s tits removed from it..They tried to turn the crank the opposite way, but her breast flesh got caught in the gears and despite exerting massive amounts of pressure on the handle, it wouldn’t allow her meat bags to exit…During this time Bunny momentarily regained consciousness, only to be shocked back to UN-consciousness because of the pain!

The scientists had all of the data they needed and ordered Bunny’s broken, sweaty carcass and mangled tits back to her filthy underground cell..Will they wish to continue with their subject until she expires for good, or can they safely release her? Find out Bunny’s final fate this right here at the Bunny Bound website SOON!