Happy New Year Bunny Lovers! The first of what I hope will be many new updates to the Bunny Bound site this year!
Don’t forget to order your immediate download of the first Bunny Bound Graphic Novel, ‘Love Really Hurts,’ available in the ‘SHOP’ at the top of the page! It’s 80 pages of incredible comic book tortures to Bunny’s body the likes I KNOW you’ve never seen! It’s ONLY a measly $10!!

I’m also hoping to post the next graphic novel in the Bunny Bound series this year, entitled ‘Bunny vs Evil Nazis!’ THAT my friends is to date the most brutal thing I’ve ever created for Bunny to endure…I’ll keep you posted for its release!!

And now, on to our new story….

When you feel sorry for Bunny going through endless torture to her hot, big titted body constantly, just remember…She has ALWAYS been a low down gold digging, cock teasing slut who’s only goal in life is to prey on people for her own personal gains, using her sexuality to accomplish said gains…She is a stuck up whore who thinks that she’s ‘All That’ and would sooner spit on you than give you the time of day if she didn’t think she could get something out of you in return…

Sometimes..(Like 99%), her plans to gold dig a dude, blow up in her face! Usually, this will result in a punishment that far out weighs the crime, and we get what we got here….well, she certainly gets it!

Bunny is first hung by her tits, then treated to a week in the country club cellar being slowly tortured to far worse than death, by an angry debutante! You’d think she wouldn’t have it in her being from a ‘good background’ and all, but this aint no lady when it comes to delivering a dazzling array of hideous punishments to the body of our hapless bimbo heroine!

Bunny regrets her advances to her fiancee, but it’s far too late! Needless to say, the rich bitch makes good on all of her promises to reduce Bunny to a cringing shell of a sub human!

I’d say, “How can Bunny keep taking all of this constant gratuitous punishment to her body and mind?” But hey, who really cares right? It’s the LEAST she can do for being such a cock teasing self important whore…

See you all again soon folks…Oh yeah, Poor Bunny! LOL!