Bunny is routinely accosted, tortured, ridiculed and punished by her three evil roommates! This time, for NO REASON, they jump her, strip her to the waist, tie her up in a kneeling position and start slapping her tits around!

She begs them to stop, but they tightly gag her stupid mouth and continue to work on her big fat bimbo boobs!

One of the roommates says that she has an idea! They go into her bedroom and come out with a sinister looking bottle! It is a bottle of the strongest, most potent hot sauce currently known to man! Bunny’s roommates’ boyfriend is a hot food freak and when he comes over for dinner, he puts a toothpick heads worth of the sauce in his food!

Bunny isn’t so lucky!

One of the girls produces a nail file and they got to work on Bunny’s tough nipples, filing them down until they are red and raw! This takes several minutes and Bunny’s tears tell the perfect story of how much pain her sensitive nipples are in…THEN……!

The evil girls open the bottle and are almost knocked out by the potent aroma! They pour a generous amount of the caustic chemical onto a spoon…even the spoon seems to sag slightly with the heat…The girls begin slathering Bunny’s tough rigid but worn down and raw nipples with the suicide liquid…Almost immediately, Bunny’s nipples turn black…the sauce dissolves Bunny’s teat flesh with severe chemical burns and her eyes swell up with more tears!

The girls laugh and taunt Bunny and her diminishing nipple flesh! A pungent odor emanates from Bunny’s rapidly corroding tits! The pain gets so intense that her nervous system shuts down and Bunny passes out from the overload of severe torture!

When she wakes up, she realizes that the bottle has been forced into her now bare ass! She must be VERY careful in attempting to escape or her innards will be assaulted by the scalding, corrosive liquid and ruined! Unfortunately, every move she makes causes pressure to rise in the bottle!! Eventually the girls kick the bottle up into Bunny’s sweaty ass with such force, she lands on her head emptying the entire contents of the suicide sauce into her body!!! Even the gag can’t stop her incessant screaming…fortunately, passing out from pain does!

The girls laugh and post their prank to various social media sites!