Hey everyone! This is a new Bunny story line to culminate with, (Spoiler Alert!), Bunny’s tits in a meat grinder in the final installment!

The war on Bunny’s big fat tits continues! Constricted past any humane measure of suffering, Bunny must continue to verbally describe the pain she is going through! The scientists demand it! Her two tit atrocities are squeezed so tight that they begin to drip liquid from their surface, just like wringing out an old dirty towel! The painful position that she is bound in strains her muscles and joints also, and as a little extra pain, the scientists not only  stick an anal hook up Bunny’s ass, but insert a thick bolt threading rod into her wide open navel…They crank the rod deeper into her belly cavity and delight in the way it brings fresh tears to her eyes!

“This time I really think you will break my tits!!”

“I…I …CAN’T take the pressure in my tits anymore…I’m dying…..”

The rod you put into my belly button hole is almost at my spine….The….PAIN!!”

“The…the thing you put in my bum feels like it’s going to pull out my insides….”

My tits….my poor tits…the pain….I’m sick to my stomach in pain….”

These are some of the things Bunny says for the scientists to take note of…Cameras record every inch of Bunny’s body, every bead of sweat pouring off of her and every plea she makes for the experiment to end! It can only end after the necessary data has been collected….even if that means Bunny’s carcass is put through a literal wringer! By the looks of what they’ve done to her so far, that seems like a VERY distinct possibility!

The next chapter in this grueling story will be posted soon! What is next for her to endure? The scientists have been recording the ordeal since the beginning…What have they discovered about Bunny, and how will that effect her next punishment?

Find out in the next installment!