Okay, so, this was going to be the ‘cover’ of a new Bunny Bound comic series where she is blasted back into time, (Like the possibly upcoming Bunny vs. Evil Nazis story, which IS done, just not released), and is experimented on by the grand inquisitor and his MONSTER brute assistant!

That was until Patreon informed me that my content could not be shown on its platform…What to do…?

The story was going to be BRUTAL with Bunny being whisked away to the dark ages by the evil wizard who had been observing her misadventures over decades and wants to carry out his own torture techniques and arcane spells on her body to see if she can summon an evil god!

There would of COURSE be all of the standard medieval tortures visited upon her, but also, strange magic/science punishments, the wizards ability to harness electricity would come in to play, plus, like the movie ‘Princess Bride,’ a machine that could siphon the very life force, painfully, out of Bunny’s body!! There’s a scene where Bunny’s body becomes part of the sewage system of the castle, another scene where she endures public tortures, being carted around from town to town, etc, etc… The boiling in oil scene was posted on this site a while back too! In any case, there is no shortage to the punishments Bunny must endure!

So, having a number of these pages done, plus a whole 40 page Bunny vs. Evil Nazis comic completed, which, at the end, leads in to another stand alone story, I wonder…What do I do with these? If you are reading this, I’d love to hear suggestions from you guys…What is your favorite platform to view material like this? I have to be able to make SOME funds off of it, so let me know what you all think! This is a lot of great material to add to the BDSM pantheon of art/comics out there! The tortures are SUPER creative and take care of a LOT of specific, weird fetishes too!

Maybe Porn-Hub, if they have a ‘channel’ for art/photos? I’m not sure?

Your suggestions are very much appreciated! Hope that you have at least enjoyed this image from the proposed epic!